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My Medical suitcase Radiotherapy has negotiated the best prices for radiotherapy for you from its care partners for radiotherapy.

The prices are established in consultation with the care centres, are fixed and identical for all My Medical Suitcase partner centres. They are based on a number of criteria such as the complexity of the treatment technique used or the number of radiotherapy sessions to be delivered.

The prices of the treatments are fixed before your departure, so that there are no unpleasant surprises on your arrival at the treatment centre, provided that you have filled in your online medical file,  which determines the quality of your care.

Best prices for radiotherapy

Fixed price for all partner centres

No additional charges after departure

The prices do not include travel and concierge services (see Treat U Abroad Travel ), the cost of any additional, unplanned examinations that may be carried out at your place of treatment at the request of your oncologist, particularly in the event that you have incorrectly filled in your medical file.

Any additional examinations at the place of your treatment will be organised by your oncologist and will be included in the quote that will be proposed to you.

Lastly, the proposed prices do not include the cost of medicines or hospitalisation costs not included in the quote.



The prices include:

  • The cost of radiotherapy treatment (preparation, dosimetry, control of positioning under the machine, radiotherapy sessions)
  • The use of the platform and the secure hosting of your health data
  • The cost of the teleconsultation with your oncologist prior to your stay for therapeutic purposes
  • The cost of radiotherapy consultations during your stay: first consultation, during treatment, and consultation at the end of treatment
  • Additional examinations prescribed by the oncologist on site, which are subject to a specific fee as provided for in the initial quote
  • The provision of an interpreter for appointments with your oncologist if necessary


The prices do not include:

  • The cost of your travel (transportation, accommodation, transfers, concierge services)
  • The cost of additional examinations not planned before your stay (improperly completed medical record, change in your clinical situation)
  • The cost of medication, contrast media, unscheduled hospitalisation.

It is possible to organise your trip with our partner, My Medical Suitcase TRAVEL.

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